Cut to order, considered a superfood by many health nutritionists around the world and leading the nutrient density scale for vegetables, a quick google search will help you find out more about specific health benefits. But so many more people simply love the light peppery taste. Versatile, nutritious, tasty... what more could you ask of our locally grown, hydroponic, fresh and clean watercress.





PICKUP OPTION (Please see info below)
  • Depending on season and weather, some produce may be unavailable.  If the produce is unavailable, the customer will receive a full refund and notice when the produce is to become available again.

  • We are so pleased to offer 2 pickup options,

    84 Tokanui-Gorge Road Hwy

    or  Pickup from BEKARAS NIGHT BAKERY, South City Mall - INVERCARGILL - From 6pm to Midnight (please be aware that online order pickups only are allowed - Bekaras are not stockists.)

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