The patties are made up of 30 % Rabbit, 30 % Hare, 10% Heart, 10% Liver, 10% Kidney, and 10% Tripe. Rabbit is very digestible for both cats and dogs. Rabbit is ideal for the allergy prone pets. It is very lean, low in cholesterol, and less calories than chicken, and beef. Furthermore, the type of fat found in rabbit meat is comparable to that in fish, in terms of the composition of the essential fatty acids. In other words, this is a very “heart-friendly” protein source, and makes a great choice for allergic, overweight or sensitive pets.


There are no preservatives, colourings, or grains. Rabbit/Hare patties contain fine ground up bone.


Daily Feeding Guideline:

Dogs- 1.5 patties per 10kgs of body weight

Cats- 1.3 patties small cat/kitten, 1.5 patties med cat, 1.7 patties lg cat.

1kg = 16 patties


The Purely Pets range of products have been produced for ease of use, convenience and nutrition in mind. Raw uncooked meat will provide your cat or dog with more vitamins and minerals needed for optimum health and vitality.

Raw protein has less allergens than cooked and it is also low in sodium and high in potassium. Raw meat will mean your cat or dog needs to drink less water as raw meat has more moisture content than that of biscuits.


Raw protein is anti-aging as it is high in natural antioxidants. No sugar spikes means that your pet will remain satisfied for longer and will need to eat less. Raw meat contain enzymes that aid digestion and create a healthy gut. Many different protein sources are available and this makes Purely Pets a great range to buy from.

Purely Pets contains NO Preservatives, NO Colorings and NO Grains (with the exception of our sausages which contain Tukkathyme, a herbal muesli).

Purely Pets Rabbit & Hare Patties 1kg


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