homegrown, always in demand, these wee beauties are another great seller for us. Tasty, crunchy, and with so many health benefits our customers come back again and again.. And, with all our vegetables and fruit grown for our family as well as yours, we know the comfort that comes from having spray free wholefoods - we can eat the skin without any concern about residue and contaminants - straight off the vine is how we like them!




  • We are so pleased to offer 2 pickup options,

    84 Tokanui-Gorge Road Hwy

    or Central Invercargill 68 MacMaster Street, Richmond

    Contactless pickups, full instructions in follow up email. Dates for pickup  will also be included (these are usually 2-3 business days)

    Simply choose the free delivery option at checkout after picking your "Pick up" order preference in the choices above.

    No deliveries at this stage.

  • Depending on season and weather, some produce may be unavailable.  If the produce is unavailable, the customer will receive a full refund and notice when the produce is to become available again.

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